PILOGY Incubator creates an innovative ecosystem that provides funding, advisors, and other resources to enable storymakers to focus on what they do best: CREATING STORIES.

We are accepting 200+ projects this year and we hope to double that number year after year. There is no deadline since we accept applications all year long until the available funding is exhausted, so we encourage you to apply early, providing you have a qualified project in the making. The funding will be replenished continuously as new investors join the game.

1. ENABLE and GROW the pipeline of talented storymakers, who eventually will make bigger projects and can flow into our equity-based investment/funding engine, which we will launch later.
2. EXPOSE PILOGY investors to media and entertainment investible assets and start building long-term trust and relationships in the ecosystem.
3. SUSTAIN this growing network as a long-term ecosystem.


1. MUST have completed 2 short films (student thesis films are accepted) and 1 of those MUST be a professionally budgeted short.
2. Formats: shorts (minimum 15 min long) and features
3. Genres: open to all genres, including animation, new media, and documentary
4. Film language: open to all languages, but non-English films MUST have standard and professional English subtitles
5. Application Language: English only (that means ALL application documents MUST be translated into English)
6. Key production crew MUST be attached: minimum 1 producer, 1 director, 1 writer.
7. Age: no limit. If you are not yet 18 years old, you MUST have a signed parental consent and also list one parent as your authorized guardian. If you are over 75 years old, congratulations! We are honored to see your work and we hope you could be the next Clint Eastwood.


1. The accepted storymakers and their projects are guaranteed the first investment token from PILOGY lead investor. Other investors will be given the opportunity to follow the lead investor’s investments. Each investment token worths $500 and PILOGY investors may invest one or more tokens (no limit). This is a non-ROI investment model, that means there is no recoupment required.
2. Regular training sessions from business leaders and industry experts.
3. Access to the incubator
SMART HUB (Coming Soon).
4. Access to perks and offers from PILOGY Partners.
5. Completed incubator projects will be featured on PILOGY TV (Coming Soon), PILOGY YouTube, and other marketing channels.

1. Investors who invest their token(s) MUST be credited as Executive Producers (EP) on the film credits, IMDb, and other marketing/social media channels during film marketing and promotion.
2. Each project must allocate a minimum of 3 EP spots for PILOGY investors. There is no maximum # of EP spots required, but we recommend to have not more than 7-10 per short and animation, and 12-15 per feature for PILOGY investors. This allows you to open up a few more slots for investors coming from other funding channels.
3. Completion target: within 6 months for shorts, 9 months for animation, and 12 months for features (from the time you are accepted). Our goal is to assess your resourcefulness and reliability to execute and deliver the project.
4. Follow us on YouTube, Instagram, Twittter, LinkedIn, and possibly to the galaxy far far away. 

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